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What’s Vibuk?

Vibuk was born in 2013 in Madrid. Jorge Martínez, CEO and Antonio Banderas lead the company. The company’s management team is made up of experienced executives from the performing arts field. Vibuk has a diversified business model of revenue from user subscriptions, advertising and artist recruitment solutions. Its goal is…

¿Qué es vibuk?

Vibuk nació en el año 2013 en Madrid. Jorge Martínez, Consejero Delegado y Antonio Banderas dirigen la compañía. El equipo de gestión de la empresa está formado por ejecutivos con gran experiencia provenientes del campo de las artes escénicas. Vibuk cuenta con un modelo de negocio diversificado de ingresos provenientes…

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Over the last few years I have been researching how to protect the information and assets of large corporations. If you are interested in cyber security, you will know that corporate break-ins almost always originate from forgotten assets, outdated assets or configuration errors.

What is a digital asset? An asset…

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I have already talked a lot about the changes that technology is undergoing and the impact it is having on the creation and modification of different technological sectors. This post aims to clarify what are the trends in methodologies and procedures when working in the world of IT infrastructures.


David Amrani Hernandez

Secdevops @ Telefonica ☕️ Writing about Cloud, Cybersecurity, new technologies and other hobbies 🌴

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