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David Amrani Hernandez

The more information you have, the further you are from the truth.

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Twenty years ago the more information you had, the closer you were to the truth. …

How to impersonate any Spanish actor thanks to a programming glitch

What’s Vibuk?

Cómo hacerse pasar por cualquier actor español gracias un fallo de programación

¿Qué es vibuk?

And how to make sure everyone doesn’t hate you.

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How BigTechs are securing their Clouds with a few clicks

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The fastest way to make a company lose all its money

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Y cómo hacer para que no te odio todo el mundo.

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La forma más rápida de hacer perder todo el dinero a una empresa

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When these technologies become friends, your business is more secure than ever.

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Technologies and methodologies in the IT world have changed radically. Is your company ready?

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Programming and coding

David Amrani Hernandez

Secdevops @ Telefonica ☕️ Writing about Cloud, Cybersecurity, new technologies and other hobbies 🌴

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